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You’ve learned quite a few things in this guide:

  • How to fix your knowledge gap and the difference between events and progress
  • The basic principles needed for healthy personal finances
  • The difference between trading and investing
  • The differences between the stock and crypto market
  • Determined your goal
  • Determined what kind of investor you want to be
  • Many psychological approaches and how people react to markets
  • Different basics of trading strategies

These are just the basics. Maybe you noticed there is no single detailed trading technique you can use right away. That’s because it doesn’t exist. You have to create your own trading technique. There are some very basic techniques that require no effort at all like:

  • Buy & hold
  • Investing in ETFs

These are the most simple techniques you can use. They require almost zero effort and generate average results. If you want better results, you have to spend many hours understanding markets, reading order books, understanding candlesticks and wave patterns, reading income statements and knowing industries as a whole. You can imagine this will take many months or even years to learn. And that still does not guarantee you’ll do any better than average. Many have tried and failed. I created in-depth guides that (if followed correctly) will give you an above average chance you'll not be one of the 95% traders and investors that lose money in the long term. Ready to learn some more? 

The very basics of trading and investing starts with reading candlesticks and order books. Without knowing how an orderbook works or what candlesticks represent you are already lost. I have made two in-depth articles covering these subjects. Before you do anything else, you should read these articles first:

If you decide to start investing or trading in cryptocurrencies, you should know the basics about bitcoin, soft and hard forks, ICO’s and guarding your coins from loss. I have made in-depth articles about these topics:

From this point your journey splits in different directions. The following guides will teach you everything you need to know in-depth:


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