Asset Management (Financial)

Peg Ratio
Max: 18.501
Min: -90198.469
Avg: -7534.953
Mean: 2.935
Price Per Share
Max: 22.375
Min: 0.825
Avg: 4.738
Mean: 1.863
Pb Ratio
Max: 12.928
Min: 0.792
Avg: 1.775
Mean: 0.968
Return On Equity
Max: 0.154
Min: -0.018
Avg: 0.044
Mean: 0.025
Return On Assets
Max: 0.149
Min: -0.020
Avg: 0.039
Mean: 0.025
Operating Ratio
Max: 6.945
Min: 0.003
Avg: 0.690
Mean: 0.068
Gross Profit Margin
Max: 1.174
Min: 0.500
Avg: 0.962
Mean: 1.000
Operating Margin
Max: 0.238
Min: -0.172
Avg: 0.133
Mean: 0.215
Net Profit Margin
Max: 0.860
Min: -5.967
Avg: -0.013
Mean: 0.380
Debt To Equity Ratio
Max: 2.293
Min: 0.005
Avg: 0.258
Mean: 0.061
Debt To Asset Ratio
Max: 0.693
Min: 0.005
Avg: 0.130
Mean: 0.055
Quick Ratio
Max: 233.199
Min: 0.074
Avg: 30.078
Mean: 1.392
Current Ratio
Max: 254.296
Min: 1.107
Avg: 50.682
Mean: 27.221
Book Value Per Share
Max: 27.330
Min: 1.041
Avg: 3.723
Mean: 2.057
Pe Ratio
Max: 12.908
Min: -1755.656
Avg: -120.506
Mean: 5.951
Max: 0.684
Min: -0.015
Avg: 0.108
Mean: 0.056

Peg Ratio (TTM)

Price Per Share (TTM)

Pb Ratio (TTM)

Return On Equity (TTM)

Return On Assets (TTM)

Operating Ratio (TTM)

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)

Operating Margin (TTM)

Net Profit Margin (TTM)

Debt To Equity Ratio (TTM)

Debt To Asset Ratio (TTM)

Quick Ratio (TTM)

Current Ratio (TTM)

Book Value Per Share (TTM)

Pe Ratio (TTM)

Eps (TTM)

SymbolName CountrySectorIndustryMost recent quarterFundamental Score 
A8A.XETRAJDC Group AGGermanyFinancialAsset Management2022-03-31
BGHL.ASBoussard & Gavaudan Holding LimitedNetherlandsFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
BTI.AUBailador Technology InvAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
EAI.AUEllerston Asian Investment LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
GC1.AUGlennon Small Companies LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
GCI.AUGryphon Capital Income TrustAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
HM1.AUHearts and Minds Investments LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
NBI.AUNB Global Corporate Income TrustAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
OPH.AUOphir High Conviction FundAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
PE1.AUPengana Private Equity TrustAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
QRI.AUQualitas Real Estate Income FundAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
SEC.AUSpheria Emerging Companies LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
VG1.AUVGI Partners Global Investments LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
WMI.AUWAM Microcap LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31
WQG.AUWCM Global Growth LtdAustraliaFinancialAsset Management2021-12-31

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