REIT-Office (Real Estate)

Peg Ratio
Max: 69905.534
Min: -310.538
Avg: 2513.739
Mean: 15.514
Price Per Share
Max: 5400.000
Min: 0.445
Avg: 103.748
Mean: 18.718
Pb Ratio
Max: 88.530
Min: -0.102
Avg: 3.120
Mean: 0.894
Return On Equity
Max: 6.520
Min: -0.027
Avg: 0.105
Mean: 0.016
Return On Assets
Max: 8.289
Min: -0.011
Avg: 0.177
Mean: 0.010
Operating Ratio
Max: 200.012
Min: 0.087
Avg: 4.198
Mean: 0.817
Gross Profit Margin
Max: 1.000
Min: 0.500
Avg: 0.990
Mean: 1.000
Operating Margin
Max: 53.525
Min: -0.547
Avg: 1.287
Mean: 0.268
Net Profit Margin
Max: 129.076
Min: -0.575
Avg: 2.603
Mean: 0.272
Debt To Equity Ratio
Max: 4.804
Min: 0.003
Avg: 0.913
Mean: 0.824
Debt To Asset Ratio
Max: 178.174
Min: 0.003
Avg: 2.735
Mean: 0.442
Quick Ratio
Max: 132.987
Min: 0.018
Avg: 3.734
Mean: 0.643
Current Ratio
Max: 132.538
Min: 0.095
Avg: 5.377
Mean: 1.356
Book Value Per Share
Max: 180.250
Min: 0.500
Avg: 30.007
Mean: 14.951
Pe Ratio
Max: 1140.638
Min: -617.623
Avg: 13.081
Mean: 11.852
Max: 48.670
Min: -0.708
Avg: 1.256
Mean: 0.161

Peg Ratio (TTM)

Price Per Share (TTM)

Pb Ratio (TTM)

Return On Equity (TTM)

Return On Assets (TTM)

Operating Ratio (TTM)

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)

Operating Margin (TTM)

Net Profit Margin (TTM)

Debt To Equity Ratio (TTM)

Debt To Asset Ratio (TTM)

Quick Ratio (TTM)

Current Ratio (TTM)

Book Value Per Share (TTM)

Pe Ratio (TTM)

Eps (TTM)

SymbolName CountrySectorIndustryMost recent quarterFundamental Score 
2EN.FEntra ASAGermanyReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
334890.KOIgis Value Plus Reit Co LtdKoreaReal EstateREIT-Office2021-11-30
ACAN.PAAcanthe DéveloppementFranceReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
AJBU.SGKeppel DC REITSingaporeReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
AOF.AUAustralian Unity Office FundAustraliaReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
AP-UN.TOAllied Properties Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
ARE.NYSEAlexandria Real Estate Equities IncUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
ARM.MCArima Real Estate SOCIMI SASpainReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
BDN.NYSEBrandywine Realty TrustUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
BEFB.BRBefimmo-SicafiBelgiumReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
BKKCP.BKBangkok Commercial Property FundThailandReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
BXP.NYSEBoston Properties IncUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
CIO.NYSECity OfficeUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
CLI.LSECLS Holdings plcUKReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
CMCT.NASDAQCreative Media & Community Trust CorporationUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
CMCTP.NASDAQCreative Media & Community Trust Corporation Preferred Series LUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
CMOU.SGKeppel Pacific Oak US REITSingaporeReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
CMW.AUCromwell Property GroupAustraliaReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
COF.AUCenturia Metropolitan REITAustraliaReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
COL.MCInmobiliaria Colonial SASpainReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
CRES.MICoima Res SpAItalyReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
CUZ.NYSECousins Properties IncorporatedUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
D-UN.TODream Office Real Estate Investment TrustCanadaReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31
D2L.FVitura SAGermanyReal EstateREIT-Office2021-12-31
DEA.NYSEEasterly Government PropertiesUSAReal EstateREIT-Office2022-03-31

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