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Learn all basics of trading and investing by doing quests!

My name is Penke. My goal is to help you in your trading and investing journey by providing in-depth guides, articles and  easy to understand but advanced trading tools. I created a new and fun way to learn trading and investing by doing quests. Each chapter has multiple quests you can complete. These quests are multiple choice questions based on the topic of the chapter. These questions trigger your emotions, are a welcome break for the long reads, keeps you focused and helps to store information faster. The quests are followed by in-depth information which tells you why it’s the right answer.

The campaign in this guide consists of 42 main quests but you can also encounter elite quests and weekly quests (when you create an account). Quests can also be added over time. For example, an elite quest might be: figuring out which company (out of 3) is making profits by comparing their income statements.

A quest example:

Quest: Your biggest enemy
Campaign: 0 / 42

What is the biggest enemy you will ever face when trading or investing?

Reward:  +10 XP  0   0   0

Each quest can have one or more correct awnsers. By completing each quest you earn rewards like gold and XP points. These are used for various things on penke trading. You can do all the quests and read all guides and articles for free. If you want to keep track of your gold and XP you can create a free account.

Key concepts in this guide:

  • Why expanding your knowledge is key to success
  • Becoming a master of your personal finances and keep it that way forever
  • The difference between trading and investing
  • The difference between the stock market and cryptomarket
  • Determine your trading or investing goal
  • Determine what kind of trader you want to be
  • The mental approach of trading and investing
  • Different trading and investing strategies
  • The next steps in your journey

This will be the basic guide to prepare you for your journey in becoming an investor, day trader or both. Not everything will be explained in full detail yet. Simply because it's to much information to absorb. In the last chapter you'll find links to in-depth guides that go in-depth about day trading and investing. If you are new to trading and investing I suggest you read every chapter in this guide first before getting into more in-depth guides. 


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Ebru Tan
Ebru Tan

Posted on September 21, 2023 08:51

I’m learning✨

Reply to Ebru Tan

Posted on July 28, 2023 11:12

I think Quests is innovative and the biggest advantage. Being interractive and further more explaining why the correct answer is correct helps the knowledge retention.

Reply to Liz

Posted on July 23, 2023 18:05

I have failed to reset my password.I really need to know the Basics.Investiment, Cryptocurrency etc.

Penke HJ
Penke HJ

Posted on February 09, 2022 17:12

Great way to learn trading and investing. Nice job!

Reply to Penke HJ

Posted on September 07, 2022 14:49

Very nice indeed!

Reply to Deen
Penke HJ
Penke HJ

Posted on September 07, 2022 14:59

Good answer.

Reply to Penke HJ
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