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I created several easy to read guides and articles about various trading and investing subjects. From reading the order books to in-depth guides that will teach you how to become a successful day trader. All my guides and articles will help you get a better understanding of trading, investing and the emotional mindset you need to make consistent profit.

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How to become Financially Independent

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The Ultimate Day Trading Guide

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The Ultimate Investing Guide

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Trading and Investing Guide for Beginners

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Air France - KLM quadruples shares: What does that mean to investors?All the quests from the basic campaignAn overview of securitiesAre you ready for live day trading?Assets and liabilitiesAssets and LiabilitiesBasic chartingBitcoin for beginnersBuilding a businessCash is king in bear marketsChecklist before proceedingConclusions and what's nextCreating an investing portfolio + examplesCurrent RatioDebt to Asset RatioDebt to Equity RatioDetermination and investing your timeDetermine operating efficiencyDetermine your goalDifference between starting, intermediate and professional day tradersDifference between trading and investingDifferent trading and investing strategiesDon't remain a slave of the governmentEight rules to mentally prepare you for trading and investingFinal conclusion and next stepsFinal stepsFunded AccountsGeneral Terms and ConditionsGoing short and long in tradingGoing short and long in tradingHard and soft forks for beginnersHow do bonds work?How does the economy work?How to backtest How to become a millionaireHow to become a successful day traderHow to become financially independentHow to buy stocks and other securitiesHow to buy stocks that Warren Buffett buys, but at a Discount!How to create a trading journalHow to determine the financial health of a company?How to determine the liquidity of a companyHow to determine the profitabilty of a companyHow to determine the solvency of a company?How to find the best brokerHow to handle unrealized gains and lossesHow to make money from a mutual fund?How to make money in a bear marketHow to safely store any crypto coinHow to start investingHow to value a company?ICO's explainedInvesting portfolio considerationsLearn all basics of trading and investing by doing quests!Learn before you start trading or investingMarket Evaluation of a CompanyNet Profit MarginNever try to win back a lost tradeOperating MarginOperating RatioOpposite interests and emotionsOverview key conceptsPicking the right brokerPicking the right buying and selling strategiesPips and lot sizesPrice earning to growth ratioPrice to Book RatioPrice to Earnings RatioPrivacy PolicyPsychological tips and tricksQuick RatioReading candlesticks for beginnersReading order books for beginnersReasons to invest in ETFsReturn on AssetsReturn on EquitySecured vs unsecured bonds and maturity dateStock market vs crypto marketStock QuestsTest your knowledge on bondsThe basic principles of money managementThe economic machine - what cycle are we in right now?The eight wonder of the world: compound interestThe mental approachThe most important and biggest asset in the world The next stepsThe one thing you need to make a living of day trading that nobody tells youThe Ultimate Investing GuideThere is more then just numbersTrading like a casinoTypes of stocks, pros and consUsing various indicatorsWave pattern tradingWhat are agency bonds?What are bonds?What are commodities?What are corporate bonds?What are derivatives?What are dividends?What are exchange traded funds?What are hedge funds?What are index funds?What are indices?What are municipal bonds?What are mutual funds?What are penny stocks?What are stock splits?What are stocks?What are treasury bonds?What is a bonds credit rating?What is an IPO?What is investing?What is your goal?What kind of trader or investor do you want to be?Where are your stocks stored?Why do people buy stocks?You can’t avoid risk, you need to manage itYour personal situation


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