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Penke Recommends: External Tools with Good Reviews that Help You

I’m recognizing that I can’t do everything myself since we all have only so much time. I want to help you become a better trader/investor, and I know that the right tools and services can make a huge difference.

What I do now is scan the web for awesome tools and services created by others that I think will help you out as well. Because I am very critical and really want to help you, I only try to recommend things that have really good reviews. The experiences of others are very important to me, and I ensure that they have genuinely benefited from these tools and services.

Therefore, I’ve included a link to Trustpilot with each recommendation so that you can read the reviews yourself before using it. This way, you can make informed decisions based on the experiences of other investors/traders.

It's also a win-win-win situation. I'm helping you by providing valuable recommendations, I'm supporting the companies that genuinely help you, and I earn a referral fee (at no cost to you) so I can continue to help you on PenkeTrading.com! Even better, if it really helps you out, you can earn a referral fee yourself if you spread the word further.

How can you find useful tools in the investing/trading world?

First of all, don't listen to my recommendations or anyone else. I see tools out there with 4-5 star reviews on Trustpilot that are not legit.

  1. Go to Trustpilot and other review sites.
  2. Sort by recent and check the frequency of the reviews.
  3. Expecially read the 1-2 star reviews. Also read the reply from the company.
  4. Check if the 4-5 star reviews are legit. Ask yourself, are they written by a marketer? Perfect texts? (TIP: If Every Word Is Uppercase, Its Either A Marketer Or AI)
  5. Are they spamming 4-5 reviews with AI generators?

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3rd party ad coffee SUPPORTERis ad-free.