Beverages-Brewers (Consumer Defensive)

Peg Ratio
Max: 8074.508
Min: -100289.982
Avg: -2609.260
Mean: 8.693
Price Per Share
Max: 93607.500
Min: 0.014
Avg: 2056.441
Mean: 48.713
Pb Ratio
Max: 2190.987
Min: 0.002
Avg: 34.482
Mean: 1.850
Return On Equity
Max: 0.313
Min: -1.354
Avg: 0.011
Mean: 0.020
Return On Assets
Max: 0.072
Min: -0.744
Avg: 0.000
Mean: 0.010
Operating Ratio
Max: 3.243
Min: 0.187
Avg: 1.205
Mean: 1.296
Gross Profit Margin
Max: 18.399
Min: -5.261
Avg: 1.080
Mean: 1.000
Operating Margin
Max: 0.337
Min: -2.793
Avg: 0.029
Mean: 0.094
Net Profit Margin
Max: 0.305
Min: -2.814
Avg: -0.021
Mean: 0.059
Debt To Equity Ratio
Max: 16.383
Min: 0.128
Avg: 1.798
Mean: 1.091
Debt To Asset Ratio
Max: 0.884
Min: 0.113
Avg: 0.514
Mean: 0.521
Quick Ratio
Max: 5.635
Min: 0.006
Avg: 0.574
Mean: 0.352
Current Ratio
Max: 6.722
Min: 0.312
Avg: 1.347
Mean: 1.053
Book Value Per Share
Max: 50745.812
Min: 0.001
Avg: 1657.719
Mean: 26.116
Pe Ratio
Max: 36888.262
Min: -1028.927
Avg: 479.623
Mean: 17.008
Max: 425.820
Min: -1.100
Avg: 21.130
Mean: 0.563

Peg Ratio (TTM)

Price Per Share (TTM)

Pb Ratio (TTM)

Return On Equity (TTM)

Return On Assets (TTM)

Operating Ratio (TTM)

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)

Operating Margin (TTM)

Net Profit Margin (TTM)

Debt To Equity Ratio (TTM)

Debt To Asset Ratio (TTM)

Quick Ratio (TTM)

Current Ratio (TTM)

Book Value Per Share (TTM)

Pe Ratio (TTM)

Eps (TTM)

SymbolName CountrySectorIndustryMost recent quarterFundamental Score 
000140.KOHitejinro HoldingsKoreaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
000145.KOHiteJinro Holdings Co LtdKoreaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
000729.SHEBeijing Yanjing Brewery Co.LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
000752.SHETibet Development Co. LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
000929.SHELanzhou Huanghe Enterprise Co. LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
002461.SHEGuangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co. LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
0168.HKTsingtao BrewHong KongConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
0236.HKSan Miguel Brewery Hong Kong LtdHong KongConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2021-12-31
0291.HKChina Resources Beer Holdings Co LtdHong KongConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2021-12-31
0R1.FRoyal Unibrew A/SGermanyConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
1876.HKBudweiser Brewing CompanyHong KongConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
1NBA.FAnheuser-Busch InBev SA/NVGermanyConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
1NBA.XETRAAnheuser-Busch InBev SA/NVGermanyConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600132.SHGChongqing Brewery Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600197.SHGXinjiang Yilite Industry Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600238.SHGHainan Yedao Group Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600573.SHGFuJian YanJing HuiQuan Brewery Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600600.SHGTsingtao Brewery Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
600779.SHGSichuan Swellfun Co LtdChinaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
ABEV.NYSEAmbev SA ADRUSAConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
ABEV3.SAAmbev S.ABrazilConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
ABI.BRAnheuser Busch Inbev SA NVBelgiumConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
ABI.MIAnheuser Busch Inbev SA NVItalyConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
ABIN.VIAnheuser-Busch InBev SA/NVAustriaConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31
AEBZY.PINKAnadolu Efes Biracilik ve Malt Sanayii AS ADRUSAConsumer DefensiveBeverages-Brewers2022-03-31

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