Utilities-Regulated Gas (Utilities)

Peg Ratio
Max: 15525.444
Min: -57478.458
Avg: -368.614
Mean: 13.498
Price Per Share
Max: 167875.000
Min: 0.002
Avg: 5059.727
Mean: 25.210
Pb Ratio
Max: 2821.791
Min: -17.248
Avg: 29.927
Mean: 1.599
Return On Equity
Max: 0.397
Min: -0.082
Avg: 0.032
Mean: 0.026
Return On Assets
Max: 0.041
Min: -0.183
Avg: 0.009
Mean: 0.010
Operating Ratio
Max: 2.010
Min: 0.147
Avg: 1.274
Mean: 1.446
Gross Profit Margin
Max: 1.008
Min: 0.750
Avg: 0.997
Mean: 1.000
Operating Margin
Max: 0.528
Min: -0.434
Avg: 0.105
Mean: 0.076
Net Profit Margin
Max: 0.391
Min: -7.421
Avg: -0.005
Mean: 0.042
Debt To Equity Ratio
Max: 9.023
Min: 0.137
Avg: 1.736
Mean: 1.505
Debt To Asset Ratio
Max: 1.417
Min: 0.121
Avg: 0.574
Mean: 0.586
Quick Ratio
Max: 4.857
Min: 0.067
Avg: 0.639
Mean: 0.496
Current Ratio
Max: 6.086
Min: 0.127
Avg: 1.209
Mean: 0.961
Book Value Per Share
Max: 430245.966
Min: -23.169
Avg: 13464.112
Mean: 16.226
Pe Ratio
Max: 2218.237
Min: -909.067
Avg: 39.891
Mean: 15.097
Max: 4152.932
Min: -377.283
Avg: 123.469
Mean: 0.306

Peg Ratio (TTM)

Price Per Share (TTM)

Pb Ratio (TTM)

Return On Equity (TTM)

Return On Assets (TTM)

Operating Ratio (TTM)

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)

Operating Margin (TTM)

Net Profit Margin (TTM)

Debt To Equity Ratio (TTM)

Debt To Asset Ratio (TTM)

Quick Ratio (TTM)

Current Ratio (TTM)

Book Value Per Share (TTM)

Pe Ratio (TTM)

Eps (TTM)

SymbolName CountrySectorIndustryMost recent quarterFundamental Score 
0003.HKHong Kong and China Gas Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
000593.SHESichuan Datong Gas Development Co.LtdChinaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
002700.SHEXinjiang Haoyuan Natural Gas Co. LtdChinaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
002911.SHEForan Energy Group Co.LtdChinaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
004690.KOSamchullyKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
006890.KOTaekyung ChemKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
012320.KOKyungdong GasKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
015360.KOYesco Holdings Co. LtdKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
016710.KODaesung HoldinKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
017390.KOSeoul City GasKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
034590.KOIncheon City GKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
036460.KOKorea Gas CorporationKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
0681.HKChinese People Holdings Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
1083.HKTowngas China Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
117580.KODaesung EnergyKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
1193.HKChina Resources Gas Group LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
1265.HKTianjin Jinran Public Utilities Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
1600.HKChina Tian Lun Gas Holdings LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
1635.HKShanghai DaZhong Public Utilities Group Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
2080.SRNational Gas & Industrialization CoSaudi ArabiaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
267290.KOKyungdong City Gas Co LtdKoreaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31
2688.HKENN Energy Holdings LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
2886.HKBinhai Investment Co LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
3633.HKZhongyu Gas Holdings LtdHong KongUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2021-12-31
600333.SHGChangchun Gas Co LtdChinaUtilitiesUtilities-Regulated Gas2022-03-31

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