Information Technology Services (Technology)

Peg Ratio
Max: 999987.888
Min: -45654.887
Avg: 3244.862
Mean: 14.998
Price Per Share
Max: 260875.000
Min: 0.001
Avg: 2671.038
Mean: 15.948
Pb Ratio
Max: 4620.200
Min: -668.542
Avg: 35.155
Mean: 2.973
Return On Equity
Max: 1.740
Min: -835.222
Avg: -3.651
Mean: 0.027
Return On Assets
Max: 212.214
Min: -98.549
Avg: -0.151
Mean: 0.009
Operating Ratio
Max: 2307.562
Min: -96.546
Avg: 7.339
Mean: 1.208
Gross Profit Margin
Max: 10.832
Min: -21.733
Avg: 0.903
Mean: 1.000
Operating Margin
Max: 96.888
Min: -211594.066
Avg: -511.398
Mean: 0.043
Net Profit Margin
Max: 516.179
Min: -8204.838
Avg: -19.146
Mean: 0.027
Debt To Equity Ratio
Max: 8423.393
Min: 0.038
Avg: 37.585
Mean: 1.027
Debt To Asset Ratio
Max: 4332.437
Min: 0.036
Avg: 12.014
Mean: 0.513
Quick Ratio
Max: 132.374
Min: 0.013
Avg: 1.678
Mean: 0.993
Current Ratio
Max: 87.914
Min: 0.028
Avg: 2.200
Mean: 1.501
Book Value Per Share
Max: 1168880.499
Min: -417.504
Avg: 5726.880
Mean: 5.017
Pe Ratio
Max: 47991.747
Min: -12454.432
Avg: 240.576
Mean: 17.246
Max: 13342.287
Min: -687.339
Avg: 82.264
Mean: 0.073

Peg Ratio (TTM)

Price Per Share (TTM)

Pb Ratio (TTM)

Return On Equity (TTM)

Return On Assets (TTM)

Operating Ratio (TTM)

Gross Profit Margin (TTM)

Operating Margin (TTM)

Net Profit Margin (TTM)

Debt To Equity Ratio (TTM)

Debt To Asset Ratio (TTM)

Quick Ratio (TTM)

Current Ratio (TTM)

Book Value Per Share (TTM)

Pe Ratio (TTM)

Eps (TTM)

SymbolName CountrySectorIndustryMost recent quarterFundamental Score 
000034.SHEDigital China Group Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000555.SHEDigital China Information Service Company LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000606.SHEShunliban Information Service Co.LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000676.SHEGenimous Technology Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000889.SHEZJBC Information Technology Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000948.SHEYunnan Nantian Electronics Information Co.LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
000971.SHEGosun Holding Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2021-12-31
002093.SHEGuomai Technologies IncChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002184.SHEShanghai Hi-Tech Control System Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002261.SHETalkweb Information System Co.LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002368.SHETaiji Computer Corporation LimitedChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002401.SHECOSCO SHIPPING Technology Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002421.SHEShenzhen Das Intellitech Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002642.SHERonglian Group LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002649.SHEBeyondsoft CorporationChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002771.SHEBeijing Transtrue Technology IncChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002912.SHEShenzhen Sinovatio Technology Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
002987.SHENorthking Information Technology Co. LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
003005.SHEBeijing Jingyeda Technology Co.LtdChinaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
0046.HKComputer and Technologies Holdings LtdHong KongTechnologyInformation Technology Services2021-12-31
004920.KOCItech Co LtdKoreaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
0092.HKChampion Technology Holdings LtdHong KongTechnologyInformation Technology Services2021-12-31
012030.KODongbu IncKoreaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
018260.KOSamsung SDS Co LtdKoreaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31
023590.KODaou TechKoreaTechnologyInformation Technology Services2022-03-31

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